Jerzy Jasieńko

Politechnika Wrocławska/Wrocław University of Technology

Department of Civil Engineering

Building Engineering Institute
Head of the Building Materials and Monumental Heritage Structures Department


Born 1953, structural engineer (MSc) from 1977, academic qualifications: Doctorate (1985), Habilitated Doctorate (2002), Professor (2009). Researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture, specialization: Protection of Historical Buildings. Research: Conservation and reinforcement of wooden and brickwork structures using glue joints as well as inserts and steel rods, GR rods, CFRP carbon strips, mats and nets, and synthetic resins; decay, deformation and stressing of combined structures; technical condition diagnostics of historic structures; conservation programs and projects in the field of historic brickwork and wooden buildings; analytical and numerical modelling of static behaviour of historic structures. Membership in Scientific Committees and Councils (foreign and Polish):